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Politicians Without Teleprompters – Future Mobile Tech Bring it On!

The new joke for new politicians is; “you had better go to teleprompter school if you wish to make it in politics.” And although that sounds somewhat unfortunate, you must understand that there is a lot of truth to it all. Perhaps, the recent election of a “teleprompted president” whose speaking skills are second to none is a prime example of just how true this really is.Still, in the future this may not be the case, as new technologies are now coming available that will put the information directly into the head of the politician, and all they have to do is say it, kind of like a hearing aid control mechanism. Best of all you won’t even need a smart politician, you can use a robot or a good looking brain dead person to just get up there and say what is now on their mind, or rather being beamed into their mind.Leave it to the handlers or puppet masters to use such technology originally developed by the military to control our elections, politicians, and future robotic android politicians, it’s just amazing, as this is something out of Star Wars isn’t it?Nevertheless, this is the ultimate in personal technology and it is coming to a home town meeting near you. How soon? Soon enough, or too soon depending on whose team you are one when the “dummy” or ventriloquist starts making their momentous and eloquent speeches at that podium. And please let’s not shoot the messenger, I just write about personal tech, and this was not one of my inventions or applications for this technology. Please think on that.